Wear-resistant Durable TPE High Quality Car Mat For Benz

Interior Protection Matrial : TPE 100% RECYCLEABLE 1. Environmental Friendly Material, Non-Toxic and Odorless 2. 3 dimensional design measured to exact cabin contours of your vehicles to contain mess and spills. 3. Security Fasteners keeps Mats in Place without harming the original carpet 4. Joint Vehicle Brand Elements, Professional Design 5. Easy to Clean, Easy Care Non-Skid. 6. Raised Edges giving Maximum Coverage & Protection. 7. Waterproof: Effectively Protects Vehicles Interior. Deep Channels to Carry fluids and debris. 8. Innovative material minimizes foot fatigue and provides the sound barrier for a quieter ride. 9. Perfectly customized for each vehicle. Model:Benz Brand:3W

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3W Auto Accessory 3W stands for Wonderful, Worldwide, Worthy. We are a company manufacturing floor mats with 25 years of history. We are the first company in this filed to use TPE and injection molding to manufacture floor liners. The traditional floor mats are made by compression molding, which does not allow for many details, causing the floor mats to be rigid and stiff. 3W floor mats, on the other hand, are resilient and durable. Our unique molding makes it possible to design floor mats with more vivid details. 3W floor mats are designed with different patterns fitting the style of different models of cars. ADVANTAGES OF TPE FLOOR MATS TPE material has good water resistance. Compared with the trouble of traditional leather car mats that cannot be washed, TPE car mats can be directly washed with a water gun, It is also more convenient to take care of. Advanced surface designs on our floor mat create channels that carry fluids, dirt and other away from your shoes, boots and clothes and into a lower reservoir. It has a unique arc-shaped small high-edge and patterned diversion groove design, which can protect the car while suede, it can effectively prevent water stains from pouring in the car. EASY TO INSTALL 1:1 Designed according to the original car data, pursuing precise proportions, closely fitting the body, and tailoring professional interiors for your car. It does not affect the use of seat movement, and will not cause the car mat to slide and jam the accelerator or brake, ensuring the safety of car driving. The appearance is fashionable and the grade is improved. Production process difference The cost of injection molding process to develop a model mold is about 50,000 dollars.Need to use 100% pure TPE material for development. And the cost of the blister process is about 2,000 dollars, it is often mixed with TPE compounds such as TPO or TPV. Therefore, we insist on using injection molding technology to produce high-quality car mats,Insist on product innovation, research and development and strict quality control, and bring longer-term development to the industry.Bring consumers truly eco-friendly and odor-free high-quality products. TPE car mat for Benz1 TPE car mat for Benz2 TPE car mat for Benz3 TPE car mat for Benz4 TPE car mat for Benz5 TPE car mat for Benz6 TPE car mat for Benz7

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