TPE Odorless Friendly Car Mat For Buick

Interior Protection Matrial : TPE 100% RECYCLEABLE 1. Environmental Friendly Material, Non-Toxic and Odorless 2. 3 dimensional design measured to exact cabin contours of your vehicles to contain mess and spills. 3. Security Fasteners keeps Mats in Place without harming the original carpet 4. Joint Vehicle Brand Elements, Professional Design 5. Easy to Clean, Easy Care Non-Skid. 6. Raised Edges giving Maximum Coverage & Protection. 7. Waterproof: Effectively Protects Vehicles Interior. Deep Channels to Carry fluids and debris. 8. Innovative material minimizes foot fatigue and provides the sound barrier for a quieter ride. 9. Perfectly customized for each vehicle. Model:Buick Brand:3W

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Healthy and environmentally friendly, away from volatilization Use safe, environmentally friendly and odor-free TPE materials, even if the sun is scorching, the car mats will not emit odors, and will not curl, crack or deform under ultra-high temperature or ultra-low temperature. Comfortable foot feel: fine workmanship, the surface has a delicate touch like cork, the foot feels soft, practical and non-slip. Innovation leads design changes The original car 1:1 measurement and plate making, repeated real car testing, just to give you an unexpected fit. Use the power of design to inject fresh life into the car mat. The unique groove design on the surface texture makes it more design and luxurious. Safety: The bottom non-slip design and positioning buckles firmly fix the foot pads on the car to ensure the safety of car driving. Easy to clean: One-piece molding, there is no place to hide dirt, just wipe it with a cloth or rinse with water to clean as new. Tough & Durable: The TPE tri-extruded composition of 3W car mats is 100% odorless, environmental friendly, and provides an excellent rugged and durable grip in all weather conditions, and they are 300% more temperature resistant than PVC. All-Weather Guard: The TPE material can withstand all weather conditions while preventing rain, snow, fluid, mud and other mess leaking into the carpet. Store Garbage & Easy to Clean: 3W floor mats can help store your garbage, and they are easily wiped clean and don’t accumulate stains or build up. Your car's carpets will remain as good as new! TPE car mat for Buick1 TPE car mat for Buick2 TPE car mat for Buick3 TPE car mat for Buick4 TPE car mat for Buick5 TPE car mat for Buick6 TPE car mat for Buick7

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